Throwback to the 90s

As an addendum to yesterday’s post:

Conan’s on a roll with his guests.  Tonight, he welcomes super-hottie and surprisingly funny Jon Hamm and tomorrow, my favorite hipster, Michael Cera.  (Him?)

Just to recap the coolness: on Monday, Jack White and Conan rocked out to Eddie Cochran’s rock-a-billy classic ditty, “Twenty Flight Rock” and last night, Soundgarden took the stage marking a televised performance 13 years in the making.

Another kind of Pale Force

And finally, for those who thought that Chris Cornell was falling off, that he couldn’t possibly wail like he used to, or that Soundgarden is no longer relevant, check this out!


3 Responses to Throwback to the 90s

  1. robbangus says:

    you are a rockabilly classic ditty. is this soundgarden song new?

  2. Yes, “Black Rain” is new; “Hunted Down,” as you know, is Soundgarden’s first single.

  3. Sam says:

    I will like Michael Cera when he actually plays a different character. He should go the blues clues guy route and play a recurring murderer on a crime drama. And NOT a fatigued hipster murderer, but a real psychopath.. And NOT a hipster psychopath…. etc etc.

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